FCA Tecnologia Privacy Policy

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The FCA technology, considers the collected and stored data in our serves or in the “Cloud”, how it is called by many, by our clients, by means of applications on mobile devices or means of our applications in the WEB, as sensible data, in this way ensuring full protection against disclosure to third parties.

The FCA Technology, recognizes and ensures, that under no circumstances, will be published data collected by our applications, unless it is requested by the owner of the data.


Security of Information:

In terms of security of the information, we work in a daily basis to protect the data of our users from unauthorized access, preferable using encrypted by the means of conexion SSL(Security Socket Layer). The use of SSL ensures that in untrustable conexions, such as WiFi of public access, your information won’t be easily captured. However, if the conexion SSL somehow can’t be activated because of operational problems in the side of who access, be aware of the risks when utilizing this kind of conexion, even if done in non public conexions.

It is known, that more than 95% of the invasions of accounts are done by the means of social engineering, in other words, the user itself is convinced to provide access data to unauthorized parties. Therefore, it is strongly important that you and third parties that utilize our services, have a management policy of sensitive information, so they can’t provide their access data to unauthorized persons.


About the storage of data:

Our servers are going to store your data as long as your account is active.

In our services, at the end of the applications service contract, after the period of the tenth day after the end of the contract, all the data of the referred contract are deleted from the database, ensuring that the history of the finalized contract can’t be accessed anymore.

In a daily basis, are performed backups, complete and incremental, that will be kept for a term of 30 days maximum. This backups are utilized only in case of disasters recovery, not being possible the restoring of the backups, in a case of bad use from your party.


Limitation of responsibility:

According with the paragraphs above described, you understand and agree that FCA Technology is not responsible for you or third parties that utilize our services when the following happens:

  1. Your failure in keep access data of your account, such as user, password, and other details.
  2. Your failure in providing information about access of your account and integrity in communication with our servers.
  3. Change in services, that causes temporary or permanent interruption in the service.
  4. Any direct or indirect damage, performed by the user, that causes in loss of profit, loss of clients or reputation in the market, loss of data or other kind of intangible loss.

The FCA Technology reserves the right of revise anytime your privacy policy, therefore, we ask you to verify periodically this policy.